Our Services

Our Services

For nearly two decades Five Star Flooring has been known and respected for uncompromising commitment to quality, service, and craftsmanship. We offer complete services for hardwood flooring from custom installation to dustless refinishing. We promise you a floor that is beautiful and an experience that is smooth, worry-free and timely.

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Wood Floor Installation

Updating your flooring can completely revamp the look of your home and increase its value. Whether you want to match existing hardwood floors in your home, install your dream floor, or install a hardwood floor in a new construction, we can help – from choosing the right flooring in your choice of style, finish, color and texture, to the installation.

We install the following types of flooring:

• Solid wood flooring
• Prefinished hardwood flooring
• Wide plank flooring
• Engineered flooring
• Vinyl flooring
• Click flooring

We will help you choose the right finish to create the color and look you want using finishes or stains. We also install intricate borders, medallions, custom inlays to make your floor one of a kind. We also specialize in restoring and refinishing existing stairways, as well as installing borders to frame a particular room or area.

Let us help you choose a unique floor for your home!

Sanding & Refinishing

Bringing the beauty back out of worn floors is simple with professional hardwood sanding and refinishing services from Five Store Flooring! Sanding and refinishing restores existing wood floors to new condition and depending on what stain or finish you choose, it can transform your home or business.

Scratches, stains, fading, and other damage are all signs of typical wear-and-tear for any floor. Before you begin making arrangements to replace these areas on your floors, consider the fact that a proper sanding and refinishing job can be the answer rather than replacing your flooring entirely.

Five Star Flooring can bring hardwood floors, that do not have significant damage to them, back to the high polish and luster that they once had. Your floors will can improved significantly by our sanding and refinishing work.

In addition to restoring and refinishing floors, we are experienced with bleaching and pickling floors for a fashionable bare look.  A bleached floor look is achieved simply bleaching the floor and coating it with finish, or by bleaching it and staining it white. Pickling leaves floors more white than blonde. A pickled floor finish is a process of making the wood lighter, similar to whitewashing. The result is a rustic yet clean look that highlights the natural grain of the wood planks.

Don’t rush to replace your floors and don’t ignore an uneven, shabby surface. Instead, call us at (508) 274-9340 for a free quote.

Repairs & Restoration

Whether your wood floor is suffering from water damage, old age, or it simply needs an upgrade, Five Store Flooring can help. We specialize in repair and reviving old, scratched and worn hardwood floors that are diminishing the beauty of your home. We take on all size repairs with enthusiasm – from tongue and groove to top nail, our results blend into the existing floor.

We use advanced dustless sanding technology to strip your floors of scratches and damage, before gap filling and applying a finishing system.  Choose from a variety of protective and eco-friendly finishes for that flawless look with extreme durability.

Five Star Flooring’s advanced knowledge and use of state-of-the-art equipment ensures that your floor will serve and please you and your family as well as preserve its story for future generations.

Inlays & Medallions

Hardwood medallions are a gorgeous and personal addition for any homeowner with hardwood flooring. Commonly used in entryways, medallions give your flooring more personality, and a touch of uniqueness.

Borders are inlay items that can dress up a room, define spaces and add an elegant touch. Borders and inlays can be big and bold or refined and complex. They can be made from a variety of different species of wood to create a unique look with an eye catching artistic touch.